Amélie Bouvier

Pickering's Harem

96-page publication
Edition of 200

Amélie Bouvier’s publication Pickering’s Harem is a slightly larger edition of 200 copies. Unlike Marcin Dudeks Akumulatory, which launched a work that took over five years to complete, “Pickering’s Harem” acts as a catalogue for a body of work that has been disseminated around Europe and North America. It unites the suite of drawings and adds context by way of an introduction written by curator Allyson Unzicker.

“Amélie Bouvier’s series titled ‘Pickering’s Harem’ ( 2017 – 2019 ) is a suite of forty-five ink drawings on paper to represent the groundbreaking number of women who worked for Pickering at the Harvard Observatory. Embodying their method of observing the stars, Bouvier researches astronomical archives based on their discoveries to create her drawings. In this empathetic process, Bouvier often uses similar tools and materials such as a magnifying glass to intuitively source images and texts to formulate her compositions.”