TR Ericsson

I Want Your Body (2nd Edition), 2017

5.1 cm diameter
2 in diameter
Edition of 3 plus 1 artist’s proof

TR Ericsson: “The first edition was made in 2012, before I was doing the works in ashes. As I got deeper into the ‘Crackle & Drag’ work this earlier work took on a deeper significance. So I returned to it in 2017 and made more of these. It was a button/pin of my grandfathers, a gag he had pinned over his desk. I wanted to experiment with bronze and making this small thing was a good start. The process is the original lost wax process where the wax positive is melted out and replaced with the bronze. The process and the language tilted toward the narratives embedded in the ‘Crackle & Drag’ story and this little object became a more somber and darker token or totem.” ‘Crackle & Drag’ is a searingly poignant and deeply personal visual narrative of love, intimacy and loss within one family from America’s post-Industrial midwest. Working in a variety of mediums Ericsson’s deadpan photo-conceptualism has a graphic sensibility that often combines conventional printing technologies with surprising material and process twists that both reflect the DIY punk spirit of his youth, as well as his training as a painter, printmaker and draughtsman.