Wim Janssens & TR Ericsson

I Hope You Don't Get Lonesome, 2019

12-inch vinyl record with printed labels and sleeve
limited edition publication by TR Ericsson and Harlan Levey and download link

All songs written and composed by Wim Janssens. Inspired by the archive of TR Ericsson.

Voice samples: Susan O’Donnell

Cover art and design: TR Ericsson.

In the years following his mother’s suicide in 2003, Ericsson amassed an archive that would lay the groundwork for his ongoing series ‘Crackle & Drag’. The title comes from the song Crackle and Drag by Paul Westerberg of the alt-rock band The Replacements and pays homage to the poet Sylvia Plath and her poem Edge: “The woman is perfected. Her dead body wears the smile of accomplishment… Her blacks crackle and drag.”