Alban Karsten & Kitty Maria

Having Parts Missing #6, 2018-2019

Bubinga, hardware
16 x 8 x 5 cm
Edition of 14, 7 remaining

Each piece is unique, with varying shape and dimensions. For more information please enquire.

Having Parts Missing showcases a series of handles made from CITES-listed (forbidden) hardwood. Because of their banned status, the wood is only sold in very small, very highly-priced leftover batches, making the already luxury resource even more exuberant.

The handles are made from Bubinga, an endangered West African species. Bubinga was taken up by the Chinese market to substitute other, nearly extinct hardwoods for traditional furniture. This wood has also been nicknamed blood timber, because the demand for it has led to illegal trade, followed by extreme violence. In Europe, this wood was mainly used for instruments.

Attached to the walls they are reminiscent of hunting souvenirs, while their various shapes invite different approaches and attitudes to hold the object, hence allowing different associations on the character and malignancy of the missing tool.

The wood is carved into several handle-like shapes; the very practical component for the manipulation of objects, but also the trophy part of a tool. Having Parts Missing draws on the manufacture of desire through exclusivity and missing parts.