Marcin Dudek

Akumulatory, 2013

Handmade artist book
Edition of 50 plus 1 artist’s proof

Publications themselves are a form of multiple. Wanting to be as widely distributed as popular literature, artist books, catalogues, and zines became great vehicles to diffuse images and ideas to a huge audience, with the potential of large print runs. This was accompanied by a desire to be as independent as possible in the design and dissemination of the books, allowing the artist to liberate themselves from publishers and printers.

Handmade books, zines and catalogues have been part of Marcin Dudek’s practice since his time at art school, making either unique works or limited runs. His book Akumulatory (edition of 50) is a seminal work in which the artist assembles images of DIY gyms found in housing estates across Poland. This book not only inspired works such as Akumulator (2013-2018) and Swiatofit (2019), but brought him towards the line of research he has continued for the eight years following.