Founded in 2007, the No New Enemies network (NNE) is a non-profit structure that assists artists engaging with public space.

Today, we are active in various aspects of artistic research and production with core interests in societal topics, cross-disciplinary dialogues and the inclusion of artistic methodology in other forms of practice. While our interests and activities have changed with time, our core mission of supporting socially inclusive arts has not.


NNE Editions

On March 1st, 2021 we’re excited to share a new activity.

Often considered as art for artists, with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, we’ll share a platform to showcase multiples, prints and publications from artists we’ve collaborated with in recent years, including many former residents of the Penthouse Art Residency. For information on pricing, availability and conditions, please drop us a line via ↪ info@nonewenemies.net

Jeroen Jongeleen, Running Shape (Piece of cake), 2013, Photography, 39,2 x 52,2 cm

Jeroen Jongeleen × Park Ninoofsepoort

No New Enemies is pleased to present Jeroen Jongeleen × Park Ninoofsepoort, a participative crossover project that combines art and sports in a hybrid workshop.

On Saturday 15/05/2021, visual artist Jeroen Jongeleen will lead a workshop during which a group of participants will create a collaborative “drawing” by running in the public park. Jongeleen will be accompanied by physical therapist and personal trainer Harold Marreyt (Kinetik VUB). This participatory action will be documented and used to create photographs and video, which will be the basis for a future exhibition. The project will engage a diverse public who are united by a love of running and an interest in being part of the cultural conversation.

Jeroen Jongeleen is a Dutch visual artist with an athletic practice that has been engaged with issues relating to public space and civic well-being for the past twenty years. During the past five years, Jongeleen has conducted several workshops in which participants create drawings by running repeatedly throughout the day. These ephemeral artworks carry the message that the result is the effort. Most recently, his exhibition Running in Circles/Movement and Politics In The Streets Of My City won the Brutus Award in Rotterdam and was acquired by the Voorlinden Museum.

For this project, No New Enemies has teamed up with the Molenbeek Rebels, a local all-female basketball club with a strong educational focus and social footprint, geared towards personal development and empowerment.

Haseeb Ahmed, Wind Avatar, 2015-2019, Wind, smoke, delta wing, electronics, twitterbot, software, plexiglass, MDF, Dimensions variable. Detail


MindSpaces is a 3-year research project financed by the European Commission’s STARTS/Lighthouse projects, which started on Jan 1st, 2019. In this project, artists and technology experts closely collaborate under a novel working model scheme to propose innovative designs to address societal challenges faced by cities as they expand, and the evolving needs in functionality and emotional resonance of modern day workplace and housing interiors.

Art has the capacity to transcend established theoretical and conceptual frames and act in cross-disciplinary ways, as it provides space for what is called as ‘lateral’ thinking, that is to address issues with an ‘out of the box’ approach. Collaborations between artists and scientists or technologists fall into the realm of techno science art, which has a long history of experimentation and impact on research and design. Artists will help create AR/VR installations that will highlight the cultural significance of cities and sustainability issues they are facing, as well as paradigm-shifting designs of indoors work and living environments. Their aim will be to ensure improved functionality, usability, but also emotional and cognitive wellbeing of end users.

No New Enemies was engaged as a subcontractor by the Maastricht University (MU) to coördinate the artistic residencies and offer critical guidance to artistic practice and collaboration with scientists from the consortium. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme in the framework of STARTS initiative (Science, Technology & the Arts).

Caveat logo by OSP, 2018


Caveat is a collective research project reflecting on the ecology of artistic practice; the legal and social-economic frameworks in which art workers operate, and the precarious conditions this generates. Initiated by Jubilee and developed in collaboration with No New Enemies, Open Source Publishing, and Été 78, its title alludes to the legal principle ‘caveat emptor’ (buyer beware) – signalling the research’s ambition to raise awareness and to co-create alternatives. As such Caveat is a call to artists and art workers, as well as art institutions and producers to collectively re-think and respond to the nature of their working relationships. Not only to their socio-economic and legal context, but also to their cultural positions in a broader sense. The project aims to redefine the contract as a tool for actively reconfiguring relations in the field and as an instrument toward self-emancipation.

No New Enemies research trajectory specifically focussed on the role and position of artist’s residencies and to what extent this is currently reflected in the Brussels landscape.

Artists involved: Agency, Eva Barto, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Sofia Caesar, Loraine Furter & Laurie Charles, David Hilmer Rex, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Eleni Kamma, Ben Kinmont, Franck Leibovici, Vincent Meessen, Grace Ndiritu, Vijai Patchineelam, Scott William Raby, Erik Schrijver, Philippe Thomas, Stijn Van Dorpe, and Vermeir & Heiremans

Partners: ARGOS, Bâtard Festival, Beursschouwburg, Harlan Levey projects, M HKA, Netwerk Aalst, Penthouse Art Residency

Supported by Innoviris

Petr Davydtchenko, Performance at Penthouse Art Residency, Hotel Bloom, Brussels, 2014

Penthouse Art Residency

Founded in 2014, The Penthouse Art Residency was located at the (former) Hotel Bloom in Brussels, Belgium. This philanthropic project, which re-activated unused space in the hotel, welcomed over 50 artists and curators over the course of 6 years. It provided local, national, and foreign artists and curators with a one to two month residency programme geared towards reflection and professional development. The programme offered assistance to facilitate local networking, research and public interactions, while providing a work/live space for the duration of the residency. Mentorship and artist assistance were provided as pro bono services from local experts. In 2020, the hotel was sold to the NH Brand, which no longer made it possible to run the Penthouse Art Residency in its former location. The project was therefore packed up and will unfold in a new venue and structure in the near future.

Former residents include: Petr Davydtchenko & Astrid Gnosis, Serena Vestrucci & Francesco Maluta, Esther de Graaf, Nathan Baker, Radek Szlaga, Sergio Bromberg, Daniel Baird, Max Rippon, TR Ericsson, The Holls Collective, Manoel Quitério & Gamze Yalcın, Will Barras, Pierre d’Alancaisez, Brad Feueehelm, Steven Schepens, Rokko Miyoshi, Maria Montesi, Inigo Moller Martinez, Mike Ballard, Abner Preis, Crystal Palmer & Isaac Pool, Willehad Eilers, Sandra Demetrescu, Wim Janssens, Roopa Vasudevan, Irina Bujor, Benjamin Verhoeven, Avenir Institute, Sina Hensel, Emeline Depas, METASITU, Jason Gringler, GVN908, Renato Custodio, Alex Bunn, Patrick Carpentier, Niamh McCann, Nicolai Bosko, Adam Chamandy, Ludovic Beillard & Martin Lukáč, Mano Penalva, Brice Bischoff, Josephine de Weck, Béla Pablo Janssen, Kunstcapades, Pierre-Alain Poirier, Cécile Angelini, Daniel Stubenvoll, David Hanes, Hyun Cho, Scott Wiliam Raby, Exploredinary, Esteban Donoso & Thiago Antunes, Cat Kron, and William Sarradet.

Artist Editions

Artist Editions have long been effective vessels to disseminate artworks and ideas from an artist’s studio to a wider more diverse audience. Economically more accessible and often intimate, these are often thought of as artist’s artworks. We love them and are happy to make some, and their stories, available to you. Our selection of Artist editions includes analogue and digital objects, collectables and wearables, publications and both 2 and 3-dimensional printed matter. For information on availability, pricing or how to contact the artist directly, please reach out to:

↪ info@nonewenemies.net