Abner Preis

Rotterdam / Philadelphia

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“The focus of my art and its point of departure are rooted in my aspirations to give one hope in a situation which seems hopeless, the ability to laugh at sadness, and the heart to see beauty in a bleak object. My message of hope is presented by combining different formats, objects, mediums, alter-egos, and situations with a twist. A dominating component in my art is a continuous effort to unify duality into a message of hope, which can be witnessed in classical paintings of drug users, a video of a family who gives their boy a gun for Christmas which he then turns into a blood bath, an alter-ego performance of a non-religious reverend preaching love and hope in a godless world, and a street-marketing campaign entitled “Eat Shit Smile.” My chosen path for expressing this humor, beauty, and hope is not a direct one; it is a trip which deviates from the main punchline to a rabbit punch in the back of the head. This message is not of a boxer in a ring, but of a street fighter. My style is not militaristic but more guerrilla. My message is as complex as it is simple and is presented in many forms and subject: war, garbage, dirt, trash, insult, violence, guns, blood, hurt, beauty, poesy, kindness, painting, video, performance, and diary.”



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