Extra Extra, nouveau magazine erotique is a new bi-annual erotic magazine rooted in city life. After the launch of their first edition in March 2013, with contributions by filmmaker Nicolas Provost, fashion designer Veronique Braquinho… READ MORE


Lonely Bones, the new short film by Dutch filmmaker/artist Rosto, is being released on April 25. A must see for all of you, who can’t get enough of graphic novels, surreal animation or Rosto’s previous… READ MORE


Slanted is a weblog and magazine that has typography and design as its topic. Founded in 2004 it has grown into one of the most important design portals and discussion forums in the German-speaking area…. READ MORE


T-shirts come in all forms and sizes, but it’s hard to find something that’s truly unique. While many artists offer their designs on shirts for a reasonable price, you can also take action yourself and… READ MORE


In case you were wondering what to do with your long Easter weekend… We suggest giving spring a warm welcome by planting seed bombs. They are a great way to add greenery and life to… READ MORE


‘It’s rain, but not the same rain as in Brussels or even Spain … no continental stuff this … this is island style … the slender trees are to and fro like they were counting… READ MORE


For those in Brussels who have yet to see the site, here is a recent Kidult piece currently on rue Leon Lepage. Kidult was somewhat shot to fame when his interventions raised the then heated… READ MORE


The Race to Clean Air BXL 2012 A car race on no car day that saw local businesses mix with international organizations to compete in the second World Dream Bike Championship. Participants arrived at 9:30… READ MORE


„Are you removing the puppet again?“ asks a young woman while passing by. She stops and stares at Various & Gould almost in an annoyed way. The artist duo is standing on two folding ladders… READ MORE


Painting in The Devil’s Playground. By David Shillinglaw Landing at Banjul airport, the first thing that hits you is the thick heat. Like a hot slap in the face, from that point the heat follows… READ MORE

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