Today we’re going to offer you something for Free. We’re not gonna give away the whole trick, but just enough that you get all the clues you need to make what you will of this joyful weapon.

46896_427013086959_542281959_5630413_7665116_n When No New Enemies and Modart visited the Area51 skate park in Eindhoven last week, East Eric, in collaboration with the MU, taught the kids to make their own tools and attach paint rollers to their decks. His device includes a start/stop pedal and if you spend more than a fiver making it, you missed part of the point.

As the workshop went on, of course there were kids who just wanted a ride, but those who participated put in a good 6 hours or so to build all of their pieces. Behind the scenes, things are never so simple and at each step Eric had new problems to solve.

This is a beginning. Things will only get better. Or at least out grow their inventor.

Send us pictures of your skateboard paintings and the traces you leave behind.

Every city has a color. For all those who are grey – take some responsibility and fuck with the pigment as you see fit and remember two things:

A discourse is a line


Want More From East Eric – check his work and support his practice!

DIY Weapons
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