nne_outmarch_1 Day and Night is an illustrated book, the result of a four month hibernation. Black and white, day and night, doodling away at a desk, it is the first book from Morcky Troubles who you may know for his work on Mikosa, TwoThings and much of the Mousse that’s come out of NNE HQ in the last few years. This book is a series of drawings about love, war, fear, braveness, emptiness, happy days, control, arrogance, nonchalance, smoking (a lot), drinking, getting stuck, listening, birthdays, train rides, explosions, friendship, being alone, accidents, colors, pushing buttons, feeling sick, eating with friends, remembering and forgetting again.

Next Saturday, Morcky will be in Brussels performing, drawing and signing copies. Please join us at the Mr. Ego to check out the original drawings and a whole batch of work he produced once the book was to the printers. First, here’s some background on Morcky in the form of an interview by Maxi Meissner.

How do you challenge your daily troubles?

I like to experiment by changing my attitudes and subjects a lot, which can be positive and negative. On the one hand I want to establish something people recognize. On the other however I want them to see the evolution in my pieces…How they change…What they are influenced by. Take my name. I play around with it all the time to confuse people [laughs]. I guess it comes from my different personalities.

You started studying mathematics in Italy. Is that one of your different personalities?

I don’t know, maybe. When I finished studying I got bored. I liked it, because it’s really pure, but it wasn’t my kind of lifestyle. I like to be around people, communicate, to be outside and put myself in crazy situations. I couldn’t have had that as a mathematician.

Where do you get your inspiration?

That’s a strange question. I don’t know.

Take the speakers and drums you used to draw around Amsterdam.

I listened to a lot of music at that time. Speakers have a strong energetic vibe and the use of perspective gave me the possibility to play with the surrounding. It was a nice toy for me, but it’s too explicit. I tried to play music about 20 times throughout my life. I learned five instruments and went to the conservatory, but I was the worst student ever [laughs]. That’s where I understood my limits, so maybe it’s that frustration.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I don’t know. When I came here first I tried to be very organized and give direction to my life. But now I just try to travel and explore new things. I don’t really feel too linked to Amsterdam, but I certainly don’t want to go back to Italy; especially now with Berlusconi. And as long as graffiti comes back to me I’ll keep doing it. Despite other obligations…

Day and Night
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